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November 27, 2014

Growing concern over increase in lottery age verification non-compliance


Atlantic Lottery reports that the number of failed lottery age verification compliance tests to date in 2014 is increasing. Atlantic Lottery and their provincial government stakeholders take compliance very seriously and both Atlantic Lottery and the Atlantic Convenience Stores Association are urging retailers to make lottery age compliance a priority issue.


“As an association, the ACSA regularly stresses to all stakeholders the convenience store industry’s adherence to responsible retailing,” says Mike Hammoud, president of the ACSA. “And responsible retailing has to include consistent age verification, day in and day out, regardless of whether it’s lottery, tobacco or beverage alcohol.”


Atlantic Lottery is committed to improving age verification compliance results. This includes a review of the corporation’s disciplinary action steps and the very real possibility that tougher penalties will be introduced in 2015.


“Age verification is a simple matter,” says Hammoud. “We’ve spent a lot of time in the past focusing on the importance of age verification and maybe the high compliance rates we achieved in the last few years made us stop paying attention to the matter.”


Let’s get back to the basics with age verification.

• First, have your staff take the online We Expect ID training module…it’s free for all ACSA members and convenient. If any of your staff have already completed the module, have them do it again, it’s a great refresher.


• Next, regularly remind your staff to do age verification on everyone who looks to be under 25 years of age. As owners and managers you need to make sure your staff know how important age verification is and that you’re serious about it.


• Lastly, post reminders for staff at the cash, in your storage room, and in your staff room, if you have one.

To help retailers get back on track with age verification compliance, Atlantic Lottery will be introducing new decals for the Scratch’n Win trays and Breakopen bins to provide added reminders to ask customers for ID. Also, remember that your lottery terminal provides retailers with age verification functionality on the main screen allowing you to scan a customer’s driver’s licence and this tool may be used for all age-restricted products that you sell.


If you have questions about age of majority compliance for lottery products, contact your Atlantic Lottery account manager or the Customer Care Centre.


Going forward the ACSA will be working to help retailers and their staff ensure age verification happens consistently and that retailers are aware of easy to use training tools, through We Expect ID.


Together, we are committed to ensuring that lottery products are sold safely and responsibly. The drop in compliance cannot overshadow the fact that the majority of retailers are doing the right things and passing the compliance tests. Collectively, our goal is the same; we simply want to conduct business in a responsible way.

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