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Industry Association Supports Illegal Tobacco Busts at Convenience Stores

January 28, 2015

Industry association supports illegal tobacco busts at convenience stores

HALIFAX, [January 28th, 2015]: The association representing Atlantic Canada’s convenience store retailers fully supports the arrest of several Halifax-area convenience store retailers involved in the sale of illegal tobacco.
“There are about 985 convenience store locations in Nova Scotia,” says Mike Hammoud, president of the Atlantic Convenience Stores Association, “and the vast, vast majority are law abiding, responsible retailers. As an association we have zero tolerance and no sympathy for retailers who engage in the illegal sale of restricted products.”
Hammoud says that the sale of illegal tobacco in Nova Scotia is a key issue for the association because of the economic harm it does to honest retailers and the negative impact it has on groups such as underage youth.
“’Get tough’ on illegal tobacco sales is something that we’re constantly telling the provincial government,” says Hammoud. “Cheap, easily available illegal cigarettes undermine programs to keep kids off cigarettes and they hurt licensed retailers selling legal tobacco products.”
The association is currently finalizing a partnership plan with Crime Stoppers Nova Scotia to launch a campaign targeting illegal tobacco.

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Media contact:
Mike Hammoud, President, Atlantic Convenience Stores Association

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