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New Brunswickers support beer, wine sales in convenience stores, survey says

August 29, 2018

“We live in a world today where consumers expect convenience.”


August 23, 2018, A new survey shows that almost 75 percent of adult New Brunswickers support expanded sales of packaged beer and wine in convenience stores across the province.


MQO Research polled 396 adult New Brunswickers in July and results are considered accurate within +/-4.92 percentage points nineteen times out of twenty. The research was commissioned by the Atlantic Convenience Stores Association


“The results did not surprise us,” says Mike Hammoud, president of the association, “because support seems to be growing stronger every day and is building in all markets including in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. These results clearly tell us that we live in a world today where New Brunswick consumers expect convenience.”


NB Liquor currently has 85 private agency stores selling beer, wine and spirits, and 44 grocery stores selling wine. But Hammoud doesn’t see the need for more full-service stores.


“We think that there’s a nice fit for convenience stores to be retailing convenience sizes, such as singles, 4s, 6s and 8s in beer, and a core selection of popular wines.”


The association believes that this approach would increase overall sales for NB Liquor without affecting either government liquor store or existing private agency store sales.


Hammoud is hopeful that expanded retailing of packaged beer and wine will become an election issue in the upcoming New Brunswick provincial election like in did in Ontario. In that Ontario election, PC party leader Doug Ford, now premier, made a commitment to allow convenience stores in Ontario to retail beer and wine. Ford said in a statement at the time that “Ontario is mature enough for this change and ready [to] join other jurisdictions in making life a little more convenient.”


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