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Atlantic Convenience Stores Association
Left to Right: Nathan Woodland, Warren Maynard, David Button, Craig Pardy, Janet McLeod, Steve Dunne (consultant to the Board), Mike Hammoud (President), Ramona Roberts, Chris Scholten, Craig Murphy.

Left to Right: Nathan Woodland, Warren Maynard (outgoing Chairman), David Button, Craig Pardy, Janet McLeod, Steve Dunne (consultant to the Board), Mike Hammoud (President), Ramona Roberts, Chris Scholten, Craig Murphy. Missing from photo: Glenn Sullivan, Jason Lutes, Corey Roberts, Tony Diab, Jamie Smith.

Back in 2008, the Canadian Convenience Stores Association approached a group of convenience store retailers in Atlantic Canada about the idea of establishing an autonomous Atlantic Canada division. This new division would complement divisions in Québec, Ontario and Western Canada.


Convenience store owners and operators in Atlantic Canada, both corporate chains and independents, were enthusiastic about the possibility of what a regional association could potentially do for the industry and the Atlantic Convenience Stores Association, more commonly referred to today as the ACSA, was established.


The Atlantic Convenience Stores Association is a paid membership, not-for-profit organization representing convenience store owners and operators in Atlantic Canada. Approximately 60% of the convenience store locations in Atlantic Canada are members of the ACSA. Our mission is to ensure an economically viable and sustainable business environment for our convenience store members.


Much of the work the ACSA is involved with is liaising with provincial governments on a wide range of regulatory matters affecting the convenience store industry in Atlantic Canada. This includes retail gasoline, the retailing of beverage alcohol, tobacco and contraband tobacco, workplace health and safety, minium wage, environmental stewardship and government red tape.


Perhaps more importantly, however, the ACSA is tasked with helping consumers, the media, elected officials and government bureaucrats understand and appreciate that convenience stores are an integral part of the communities they serve and have an important role to play in the lifeblood of a vibrant and prosperous community.


The ACSA has an active, experienced, and proactive volunteer Board of Directors.  The Directors are comprised of a mix of successful independent and corporate members.  The current directors are:


Craig Pardy (Chairman), Corporate – Needs Convenience, Atlantic Region

Corey Roberts (Treasurer), Independent – Marie’s Mini Mart, Newfoundland and Labrador

Ramona Roberts (Secretary), Independent – Big Dog Convenience, Prince Edward Island

David Button, Corporate – North Atlantic Petroleum, Newfoundland and Labrador

Glenn Sullivan, C.A., Independent – C-Gas Management Inc., Newfoundland and Labrador

Jason Lutes, Independent – Magnetic Hill Irving, New Brunswick

Chris Scholten, C.A., Independent – Scholten’s Gas and Grocery, New Brunswick

Nathan Woodland, Corporate – Circle K, Couche-Tard, Atlantic Region

Tony Diab, Independent – Express-Way Food & Video, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Craig Murphy, Corporate – Suncor, Atlantic Region

Janet McLeod, Corporate – Wilson Fuel Co. Limited, Atlantic Region

Jamie Smith, Independent – Corey Craig Group, New Brunswick

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