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Convenience Store Day

Convenience Store Day is an event where community leaders have fun, and work 15 minute shifts alongside c-store staff, meet and greet customers, and raise money for local charity!
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Convenience Store Day 2017

CCSA Convenience Store Day was held on August 30, 2017. For the first time, Convenience Store Day was a National event taking place in 63 communities across the Country, 175 stores and over 190 community leaders involved! 100% of the donations went to the Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada, totaling $82,551 raised which is enough to grant 8 wishes to children across Canada! The CCSA thanks all the C-Stores and volunteers for making Convenience Store Day a resounding success!      

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Convenience Store Day 2016

On August 31st, 2016 the Atlantic Convenience Stores Association celebrated the success of the fifth annual Convenience Store Day, which took place in communities in all four provinces.  Over 100 stores and over 135 community leaders participated, including chamber members, law enforcement, fire departments, lions clubs, municipal, provincial, and federal politicians, and suppliers.  Each participant had the opportunity to work behind the counter of a convenience store for twenty minutes, and to interact with, and serve customers.


The event was a success for the ACSA, the store owners and staff, local community leaders, customers and registered charities that took part as $58,116 was raised for charity! The ACSA would like to thank all of the stores and volunteers who made C-Store Day 2016 a resounding success.


Convenience Store Day 2015

The fourth annual Convenience store Day was held on August 26, 2015 at 49 host stores all across Atlantic Canada.  138 volunteers and community leaders participated and helped raise over $60,000 for local charity.  Check out the video below for a recap of the day!



Convenience Store Day 2014: huge growth, huge success

August 27, 2014, was a great day for Atlantic Canada. More than 100 community leaders and elected officials worked behind the counter at local convenience stores throughout Atlantic Canada and raised a lot of money for local charity.The event was the third annual Convenience Store Day organized by the ACSA. One of the goals of the event was to recognize the community contribution of convenience stores. This happened in spades.

In New Brunswick, politicians from all parties came out to make campaign announcements. Premier Elect Brian Gallant announced cuts to taxes and a commitment to fight contraband tobacco at a local convenience store in Fredericton.

In Moncton, PC leader and Former Premier David Alward announced that his government would do more to help business and job creation. He made a generous donation himself to Children’s Wish. At yet another local convenience store, NDP leader Dominic Cardy worked alongside c-store employees and also announced small business initiatives.

In Halifax, city councillor Matt Whitman took part for the second year in a row.

“This small business is key to this neighbourhood; it’s probably the backbone,” he said. “A lot of things happen here. People meet people and it’s kind of this community, so we need to let these convenience stores and these communities know they’re important to us.”

Megan Leslie, an MP from Halifax, said convenience stores provide a familiar atmosphere: “People who come in, it actually is the place where everybody knows your name, and that’s kind of nice.”

Mike Hammoud, President of the ACSA, was very pleased with the event. He told reporters, “Convenience store operators really are an integral part of every community where they’re located. They’re hardworking businesspeople who employ thousands and they make untold contributions to community events. Convenience Store Day is a small way of recognizing their hard work and community spirit. It is always fun and interesting to see political decision-makers and community leaders work behind the counter and get an appreciation for how hard we work—and the direct impact we have on the community.”

Jeff Lenard, who is with the U.S. National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS), was on hand to see how things were going. He said his hope is that one day American politicians can participate in a similar activities at their local convenience stores.

“Store operators [in the United States] are interested in today because it’s a model we can carry forward that they are doing very well here,” he said.

This year Convenience Store Day has grown from 9 stores to more than 50 stores across the Atlantic Provinces, and the fundraising has increased from $9,000 in 2013 to more than $40,000 in 2014, with pledges still coming in at press time.

“We are onto something,” said Mr. Hammoud at the end of the day. “We anticipate this becoming a must-do event for local community leaders.”

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