The Mission StatementWe Put You First.

At the ACSA we believe strongly in the role of the independent business owner and their importance to establishing and maintaining viable, healthy communities across the Atlantic Provinces. We recognize that the current business environment poses multiple challenges. The  ACSA is actively working with our Members and Government to evolve to help meet these challenges now and in the future. 

Our PlanWhat We Do.



Over the past 12 years we have played an active role in the creation of policies that support responsible sales practices and our customers safety and well being. ACSA is an active promoter of the WE ID program and the responsible tobacco, vaping and alcohol sales training programs.


As independent business owners, time, money and resources are not always available to address day to day needs. The ACSA’s consulting expertise helps to access Provincial, Federal and Private industry funding to create information resources needed to identify and address important operational gaps for our owner/operators.

Sales Support

Knowing that a product is available, what its features and benefits are and how to sell it are at the heart of any successful store. ACSA is partnering with a range of industry stakeholders to create a sales and marketing tools designed improve awareness and access to important sales and marketing information needed to launch and support ongoing sales performance

Assistance - Business Skills Development

As business evolves towards a digital footprint, the tools to train staff and management on the component parts of a successful online retail presence, are more important than ever. ACSA has partnered with Velsoft, a leading online training provider, to begin to develop a range of business and personal skills development training materials.

STORe is an online, secure and cloud based platform designed to create a single point of access for everything Convenience store related such as;

  • Required compliance training
  • E-commerce implementation
  • Training and coaching
  • Product launch information
  • Product support information
  • Personal skills development
  • Supplier user guides and instruction manuals

Product Spotlight


Partner Spotlight

ClearTEQ POS for Atlantic Convenience Stores

ClearTEQ’s secure online point of sale means quick and easy access to everything you need to manage your convenience store. No need to setup complex servers and costly software solutions. With your tablet in hand, you are on your way to selling in-store or anywhere your customers take you.

Loaded with Features. Built with Simplicity.
ClearTEQ POS includes reliable inventory control, real time reporting, and a customizable till. Our intuitive design makes ClearTEQ POS easy to understand and operate, and employee training simple.

All-in-one POS and Payment Processing
ClearTEQ’s all-in-one point of sale and payment processing makes sales quick and secure. Accept all popular payment types from anywhere with an Internet connection. 

24/7 Support
Get setup and selling with confidence using ClearTEQ’s online resources. Our industry- leading team is ready to answer all your questions by phone, email, or live chat during business hours. Keep your store running with 24/7 emergency technical support.

ClearTEQ POS has no sign-up fees and no subscription fees when used with our affordable ClearTEQ Merchant Services. Contact us to find out more today. 
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