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National Convenience Week is an event where community leaders have fun, and work 20-minute shifts alongside C-Store staff, meet and greet customers, and raise money for local charity! The concept began right here in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, with member retailers and has grown into a major national event with thousands of retailers participating and raising funds for local charity. Check out for complete details.

Photos from the event

The history

The annual ACSA Convenience Store Day began in the year of 2011, eventually growing from 9 locations to over 100 stores, including 49 hub stores. Over 135 community leaders participated in our last year alone, such chamber members, law enforcement, fire departments, lions clubs, municipal, provincial, and federal politicians, and suppliers. Each participant took pride in their opportunity to work behind the counter of a convenience store for 15 minutes, interacting with, and serving customers.

Each year since the day’s conception, the ACSA has seen considerable growth in participation and fundraising for charity. In Halifax, city councillor Matt Whitman remarked on the importance of C-Store Day. “This small business is key to this neighbourhood; it’s probably the backbone,” he said. “A lot of things happen here. People meet people and it’s kind of this community, so we need to let these convenience stores and these communities know they’re important to us.”

Convenience Store Day even managed to garner international acclaim, where Jeff Lenard, who is with the U.S. National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) said his hope is that one day American politicians can participate in a similar activities at their local convenience stores.

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